Star Wars 108 Comic (My fake cover art)

My Star Wars 108 (fake) cover art, Han confronting an unfriendly alien in Mos Eisley! Had some inspiration from the classic 70s Star Wars comics. #starwars #starwars108 #hansolo #comics #marvel #art #comicart #comicpage #marvel

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Six Million Dollar Man Art

Art montage of my favorite tv show growing up, Six Millon Dollar Man. Lot of fond memories from that era.  #sixmilliondollarman #art #comics #comicart #comicpage #comicbooks  #comicdrawing #steveaustin #leemajors #bionic #cyborg
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Captain Marvel Art

With Captain Marvel soon to be released, I thought it would be fun to do this. Looking forward to seeing the film!

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Cover Art for Journal of the Whills

I was given the opportunity by the good folks of the German Star Wars magazine to create a cover art piece for their subscription mag, Journal of the Whills. Inside there is an interview article spotlighting my work. For those buying the newsstand edition, the art will be featured as a pull-out poster. Journal of the Whills issue #92 will be out Dec 20!

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New work update

More of my comic style art. Done in pencil, inked and colored in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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New Star Wars Artwork

Here are some new pieces. I have been trying out a different style lately…

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New Book Cover Art

Here is a cover I recently finished for a book titled ‘When Things Go Bang’, currently available on Kindle.
Story description: When dead Uncle Buddy appears from out of a stain on the wallpaper and takes Jim back to World War 2, that’s bad enough. But then Dougal, Mum’s prize winning Pembroke corgi, drowns horribly in a mud pool. And Jim threw the stick. Dad’s in league with crazy Joe Materson to blow up the sand-stealing excavator. Everything Jim does seems to make the situation worse. And then Old Beardy gets involved.
You can find this book by author Clive Warner at this link:


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Sketch Card: Luke Skywalker

Here’s on of my Star Wars Evolution return cards I did for Topps. Luke Skywalker as seen in The Force Awakens. Painted in gouache, watercolor and color pencil.
SW Evo_Return_1_72

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Some of my recent art…

Spartacus. Practice Piece – Photoshop


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